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Model: Cow Catcher 4700 Series Vet Crush. Weight: 500kg kg. Dimensions: 850mm Wide x 2150mm high x 3330mm long. Product Code: CWC4700V.

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Dimensions: 3050mm L x 850mm W x 2250mm H – Pre gal, zinc coating 100g/m2 – Include 1× Headbail with Manual Wrench, 1×Heavy Duty Sliding Gate, 2×Cattle Gate 

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The Compact Model is the crush for the cattle farmer that only This crush is more basic in design but offers a CATTLE CRUSH DIMENSIONS.

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Specification. The Bentley single-sided squeeze crush includes a 65mm frame, which is standard across all ranges of squeeze crushes. The Bentley incorporates a 


This implies the following cattle crush: Cattle Crush = (6*400*131.68) - (3*500*172.525) - (2 * 5000*4.6125) Crush = $11,108/trade or $0.278/cwt of live cattle (40k lb.) or $0.222/cwt of feeder cattle (50k lb.) The size of the live cattle contract is 40,000 pounds, which implies a different number of animals depending on their size.

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A cattle crush (also called squeeze chute) is a strongly built stall or cage for holding cattle, horses, or other livestock safely while they are examined, marked, or given veterinary treatment. Our offered product was built to withstand years of intensive use. Smooth welds and hot-dipped galvanized parts offer extreme durability.

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Heavy Duty Modules · Race Width 750mm or Wide Module 1600mm · Barn Style swing doors to provide free working access at front of the Silencer cattle crush · Noise 

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His identified hazards on the cattle crush include (and is similar to other opinions of referees read fot this mini-publication): 1. Is the crush design and size appropriate for the classes of cattle being handled and tasks undertaken? 2. Can the crush effectively restrain animal and allow safe access to the animal for veterinary tasks to be

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Specification: Complete with TB doors. Due to this wheel operation, reduction is infinite between 750mm to 300mm. Suitable for most breeds from 50kg upto 1000kg. Facility to add optional

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2016. 1. 4. · Side gates may open from the front, the back or both. If the crush is to be used fordrafting cattle, having the hinges at the back is often more convenient, particularly on theside of the crush where the operator is standing. If the Crush is not used for drafting, itmay be more convenient to have the side gates hinged

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Dimensions: 2.6m Long x 0.85m Wide x 2m High · Features. 8 foot cage c/w chequer plate floor. 2 bar c section gate. · Optional Extras. Weighing System can be 

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Premium Single Squeeze Crush. Number:Model CZ005. Size: 3402mm (L) 1850mm (W) 2200mm (H) 720mm (IW) Weight: 720kg. Galvanize:HDG.

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The combination of the parallel squeeze, vet access and hydraulic headbail operation has made it the most preferred crush for over 30 years. The Allrounder 

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It has a heavy duty main frame and anti-slippery steel tread plate floor. All parts of our crushes are hot dipped galvanized for maximum corrosion resistance and long life durability. The cattle crush is transportable as one unit on the 3-point linkage of a tractor. The front gate of a crush is adjustable for various sizes of cattle.

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2016. 11. 24. · Cattle crushes can be equipped with ancillary equipment, such as chin bars and automated drafting systems. Electronic scales and a National Livestock Identification System

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They may also be used for drafting animals inthe crush into the side pens. The side gate must close to within 20 mm of the floor or a lip of at least 40 mm must be provided to prevent animal's feet slipping laterally off the floor.

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A crush that everyone on the land can afford! The Classic JR has many of the safety and operating calf squeeze chute PM 170 for dehorning mobile m height: 1,08 m GROSS WEIGHT 110 kg TECHNICAL FEATURES -Total immobilization of the animal. -Good hold on the calf . -Dehorn different sizes of calves.

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The floor area required per animal will vary depending on size. As a general guide allow; Young Cattle: 0.9 to 1.1 m² Finishing Cattle: 1.4 to 1.7 m² Suckler Cows with Calves: 2.3 to 2.75 m² It is easier to control and move cattle in a long narrow pen rather than wide square ones. Pen widths of 4.5 to 6 m (15 to 20 ft.) are recommended

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Mobile Cattle Crush Dimensions. cattle crush crate | premier livestock handling. available in 3 options standard length crush, extended crush with veterinary area, mobile system optional rear sliding door can be fitted to crush dimensions overall width 36 (915mm) overall height 85 (2160mm) overall length 96 (2440mm)available in 3 options

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2020. 5. 4. · All dimensions shown in mm and all weights in kgs. Weights are approximate as they may vary depending on fitted options The standard height of all crushes is 2350mm. If the crush is fitted with offside draft handle or overhead scale pendant the overall height will increase.

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Cattle perception Design of efficient handling facilities will be aided by an understanding of the behavioral characteristics of livestock. Cattle have 360' wide angle vision (Prince, 1977). They can see behind themselves without turning their heads and are sensitive to harsh contrasts of light and dark in loading ramps, races and handling areas.