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standard seals dimensions. For sealing elements used for pneumatic and wiper (dust) ring supported by a metal ring.

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M Seals has been helping clients make their design ideas a reality for almost 60 years. Using CAD software and proprietary processes, we can help you design seals and customized parts in a large variety of elastomeric, thermoplastic and fluoropolymer materials. We can even help in the product design process or reverse engineer samples if required.


O-Ring Size Chart for Metric Seals. 361 - 362 This wiper features a lip on top of the shoulder that makes contact with the throat of the groove.


WIPER & DUST SEALS - DOUBLE ACTING METAL WIPER. SR.NO. SIZE. SR.NO. SIZE. 1. 20 x 32 x 6/9. 21. 85 x 99 x 8/11. 2. 22 x 34 x 6/9. 22. 90 x 104 x 8/11.

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Hallite's wide range of hydraulic wipers & scrapers can be installed in the seal configurations of hydraulic cylinders preventing contaminants entering the 

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Read our guide to wiper seal design & scraper varieties to help select and size your next wiper seal correctly.

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Oil Seals by Shaft Size. Garlock. All dimensions are in inches. Preferred sizes are indicated with boldtype face. Sizes listed are for standard nitrile elements, except Models 25 and 62 which have PTFE elements. Other material available on inquiry only. SHAFT BORE WIDTH PART NO. SHAFT BORE WIDTH PART NO. S-2 Rev. 3/00. 0.472 1.102 0.276 92 0024

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General installation guidelines for piston seals 20 General installation guidelines for rod seals 22 Maximum gap allowance 24 Wipers 27 Guiding elements 53 Rod seals 77 Piston seals 109 Other seal products 135 O-rings 136 Anti-extrusion rings 142 Static radial seal 145 Flange seals 147 Rotary seals 150 Sealing sets for piston accumulators 159

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2022/9/8 · Below is a table showing the various wiper blade sizes available in TVS brand and their car models. Model. Driver’s side size in inches and millimeters. Passenger’s side in

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DKBI wipers are installed in the sealing configurations of hydraulic cylinders to prevent contaminants such as dirt, dust and moisture from entering the cylinder as they retract back

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Downloading this document provides size charts for all the most popular sizes of our sealing products for hydraulic applications: Piston seals - to seal between the reciprocating piston and

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BEST. Beam Blade. Rain-X ® Longitude ™ Professional Series Wiper Blades. Rain-X ® Latitude ® Wiper Blades. Rain‑X ® WeatherArmor ® Wiper Blades. Rain-X ® Vision ® Beam Wiper Blades. Rain-X ® Expert Fit ® Beam Wiper Blades.

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Snap In wiper seals are designed without any metal component and are east to install without any special equipment. The Snap In wiper varies from the metal clad wiper in that it fits in a gland in the cylinder. This wiper has a variety of heights to accommodate fitting into the groove in the cylinder.

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Wiper Seals. Wiper seals are typically used on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, as well as telescopic suspension forks for motorcycles and bicycles. Wiper Seals are available in several styles to keep contaminants from entering the cylinder. Besides direct wear to the rod seal, external contamination, if allowed to enter a hydraulic system

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Shaft, Bore, and Width are all searchable in inches and millimeters. This interactive chart will display all matching sizes based on the dimensions keyed. For more information or to request a quote, please call 832-448-5550 or submit the Product Inquiry Form on the Oil Seals Page or Fabric Reinforced Seals Page.

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Guide Ring Seal Wholesale - PTFE with 40% bronze,more durable,High quality we produce,Large quantity of all size in stocks,Fast delivery.

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Hydraulic sealing products — Size charts Note: Prior to sizing your seals, please Cylinder. Gland. Wiper. Piston Seal. Bearing Strips. Rod Seal 

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You will need to pull one of the existing hubs and check for a number stamped inside the bearings themselves or measure along the spindle where they sit to get their inner diameters. 68246. Need seals and I think there double seals on a loadrite boat trailer. L68149 UCF-6 inner bearing, L44649 outside bearing.

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Wiper seals 49 Selection matrix 53 Guides 54 Static seals 55 O-rings 56 Back-up rings 57 Product index 58. 3.FDIBUSPOJDT4FSWJDFT 4FBMT-VCSJDBUJPO TZTUFNT #FBSJOHT rubber, primarily in inch sizes, but also in a limited metric range. HMS4: The basic design. HMSA7: The same design as HMS4 but with a contacting, auxiliary lip.


Fluid Seals is an importer and Australia-wide distributor of O-rings, O-Ring Size Chart for Metric Seals. 219 - 294 Wiper RIngs. Urethane &.

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DT, D, DS and DX are all available in the sizes listed below. WD prefix most commonly represents Hi-Tech Seals DT style wiper. C 0.025 R Max. A +0.004 -0.000 D +0.010 -0.000 B +0.006 -0.000 Imperial Seals Wipers DT, D, DS and DX Styles Wipers *Part Number A Rod Diameter B Groove Diameter C Groove Width D Shoulder Diameter