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Baldor-Reliance NEMA motors, the serial number formula is a location-year-month-day-motor code. 13 Alternate ratings or additional application data. In this case, rating information for using the motor on 50 Hz sinewave power (typically outside North America). — Nameplate information required or optional for all NEMA motors

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ABB has been manufacturing motors for over 100 years. Our products are ABB's General purpose motors are readily available Individual serial number.

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17 Model Number. Normally used to purchase a replacement motor with identical ratings and operating characteristics, the model number of an AC induction motor, or any other electric motor for that matter, is assigned by the manufacturer. The nameplate shown in Figure 1 indicates the model number this motor is 121123. 18 Serial Number

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Check the valid values in relevant product catalogs. 2) On request. Page 33. ABB Motors and Generators | 9AKK105285 EN 02-  

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If a ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. product is defective due to ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. workmanship or materials and the defect occurs during the warranty period, then ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. will either repair the product or replace it with a new one, whichever ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. believes to be appropriate under the

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The main electrical data and manufacturing information are stated on the servomotor plate fixed sideways on the motor back-flange. 1. Stall Current "Io" and Rated Current "In" 2. Peak Current "Ip" 3. Stall Torque "To" and Rated Torque "Tn" 4. Peak Torque "Tp" 5. Rated Power "Pn" 6. Nominal Frequency "fn" 7. Rated Speed "Nn" 8.

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The catalog features more than 850 new catalog numbers with more information per product fam Operating NEMA Premium Motors Above Rated Load Reduces Efficiency Wednesday, March 26,

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A few examples of the increasing numbers of company specifications which ABB supports are Shell DEP, Saudi Aramco, API. 541, API 547, ExxonMobil, Chevron Texaco 

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The model number and serial number may provide specific information. The Basic electrical information, common to lighting fixtures, motors, 

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More languages – see web site > Motors > Document library When ordering spare parts, the motor serial number, full.

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25/06/  · ABB Drives – Protecting your Investment. Posted by jane | June 25, . When you commit to making the investment into an ABB drives you want to make sure your investment runs smoothly and efficiently and lasts as long as it can. Payback on drives purchased is usually within 2 years, but you.

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Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format. This online service allows a user to check the validity of the car and get detailed information on almost any VIN number, search for Motor car parts and check the car's history. The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of Motor.

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20/03/  · The speed of the motor is directly related to the frequency of the line voltage and the number of poles in the motor. At 60 Hz, a 4 pole motor will rotate at approximately 1800 RPM (7200/4 poles). However, depending on the amount of rotor slip the motor was designed for you may see the RPM listed as 1775 or 1750, et cetera.

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ABB ACH550 Fault Codes & Alarms. 06/28/2021. Below is a listing of the faults and alarms (with descriptions) for the ABB ACH550 series of VFDs, along with suggested corrective action to eliminate the fault or alarm condition. At the bottom of this page there is a link to the diagnostics section of the user manual for the ABB ACH550 drive that

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Specify your number type. Sales order. Purchase order

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Downtime may result in considerable costs in terms of lost production, waste, and damage, so the availability of the equipment is a top priority. At ABB we supply genuine spare parts, spare part

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ABB Motors . We stock 2 and 4 pole motors, foot and flange mounted up to 250kW. All our stock is held to WIMES Specification and availability with immediate 24/7 delivery. Individual serial number; Jacking bolts for foot mounted motors; Draining holes with plugs in open position; Quantum Prime - 24/7 Motor Delivery Solution

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ABB Library is a web tool for searching for documents related to ABB products and services. brightness_1 Category. All Categories. ABB Products. Motors and Generators Leaflet: ABB

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The engine serial number is on a metal plate attached to the block, typically found on the left-hand side of the engine. The position of the engine plate varies across different engine series. You can find the position of your plate using the table below. Engine type Position Engine type Position; 3.152: M: 4.318: F: 4.108: A: 4.41: H: 4.154

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So, the next job was to fit the lower case and check that it the NC30 shift drum with the VF500 drum the were completely different in changsha jaw crusher copper-alloy casting abb motor nameplate details np1007 v-belt iso4184-spc 6300 grinding grinding mills spare head ball in australia zimbabwe v-belt catalogue pdf.

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For security reason, this application has been shut down. Please, access it through your ABB Portal.