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Single or dual actuation (high / high-high) Switch of desired length sold separately Wiring plug eliminates wiring hassle Up to a 10-year battery life Supports Over-the-Air (OTA) functionality for updating the device configuration (900 MHz only) Self-contained, rugged design Installs in minutes Transmitter: IP66, -40 °C to 70 °C (-40 ˚F to 158 ˚F)

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Level Switches These devices equip electrodes to detect liquid levels. They have been widely used in water works and sewers for buildings and housing complexes, industrial facilities and equipment, water treatment plants and sewage treatment facilities, and many other applications. Level Switches Products Primary Contents Operating Principle

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Freely selectable switch position through fixing the float switch at the required level · Large range of application due to the simple, proven functional 

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Level switches are used to detect liquid or powder levels, or interfaces between liquids. These level measurements are indicated via an electrical switching 

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Jaw Plate Kinematical Analysis For Single Toggle Jaw Crusher Design The kinematic analysis of single toggle jaw crusher shows that the forces on the moving jaw plate at different crank angle are different and hence power generated varies with crank angle. One

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4100 HLAS High Level Alarm Switch The 4100 HLAS High Level Alarm Switch is the most reliable redundant displacer switch (warning device) used for overfill prevention. For more information on Overfill Prevention, see API 2350. Theory of Operation The GSI 4100 HLAS is a mechanically activated displacer switch.

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Conductivity Level Switches For 1,2,3,4 or 5 Point Detection. This Series is designed to control the level of all conductive mediums, offering up to 5 different points of level control. Models are

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Point level sensors or multi-point sensors mark a specific level and communicate to the user if the media is above or below that level. They are used generally as a high alarm or switch. These level sensors can also be integrated in a single device to add a low alarm, or to serve as a stepped version of a continuous level.

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Level Switches Level switches are the most frequent level instrumentation; whether the measurement medium be liquid or solid. We offer level control and limit switching for most media, from potable water, to sewage, alkalies and acids, or free-flowing, powdered, bulk or granular solids. HiTECH Technologies, Inc. Goop-proof RF Switches RF

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Because of this, they can operate extremely well in high temperature applications. The performance and functionality of a float switch are unaffected.

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The model OLS-C05 optoelectronic level switch is used for monitoring the level of liquids. The optoelectronic sensor consists of an infrared LED and a light 

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level switch high function How Tilt Level Switch Works ? Tilting type level switch so designed to be hung in the tank with a stainless chain. When the switch inclines. Categories.

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A diaphragm level switch is mainly used to measure the change within pressure caused by the level of the material increasing or decreasing. Whenever the level increases, then air pressure gets high & the diaphragm face drops under the force, which actuates a micro switch. Once the force gets lower, the diaphragm comes back to its early position.

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A level switch is a sensor that detects the presence of liquids, powder, or granulated materials at a specific location. (It is also referred to as level sensor) For example, when a tank is supplied with liquid, it overflow.In order to prevent overflows, a level switch is installed near the top of the tank.

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A switching command starts or stops filling equipment such as conveyors or pumps. Point level switches outputting a binary signal can be integrated into a process control system. Point level detection systems can be used in liquids, pastes, powders or coarse bulk solids. Typical applications for level switches are: minimum or maximum detection

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The side mounted float level Switch is manufactured specifically for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel. They work well as high or low level control. The Micro-Switch type OR Reed Switch is usable even at ambient temp. of 150°C max. (High Temp made from as per customize) Mounting flanges are custom-specifiable.

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Our tank level switches are available for both tank side and tank top mounting. They can be specified as either make on rise for high level alarms, 

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Mobrey magnetic level switches are ideal for high and low liquid level alarm, overfill alarm, and pump control duties. Figure 2-3. Application Example: High and Low Level Alarm 2.3 Ordering information Level switch models fitted with options listed Appendix B

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The standard level switch with float code 01 is used for signalling high or low alarm points. The signal may be used for plant shut down or emergency override 

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Because these 3-A certified level switches can withstand high temperatures, they are well suited for use in Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-Pla ce (SIP) processes. Fast, Device Classification: Sensor-Only. Level Measurement Type: Point Level / Multi-Point Levels. Material Temperature Range: -40 to 185 F.

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The side mount provides added versatility, allowing the switch to be used as a high or low level indicator, and plastic body provides use up to 100 PSI. These are most often used in many O.E.M. and one-off applications. These are available with several options as specified by the user. Minimum Liquid Specific Gravity: 0.90