Flat vs. Lock Washers — What You Need to Know Before Buying Washers

Lock washers still distribute the weight of bolts, but their locking action prevents the vibration from machines from loosening the fastener. They work by applying a spring force against the bolt or nut head. Any flattening or stretching of parts is likely to be much less than the compression of the spring washer, so the fastener won’t loosen much.

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The flat washer, through its surface area, serves to distribute the clamping pressure caused by tightening the fastener in place. It could also 

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Flat Washer vs Lock Washer: Important Things to Know

Lock washers, meanwhile, have the same bolt size as the flat ones under USS patterns. Its inside diameter ranges from 0.512 in. to 3.043 in. while the outside diameter goes

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Yes you may use a flat washer with a lock washer, especially if you are using the lock washer to hold two wooden pieces together.

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Bolt Or Screw And Washer Assemblies With Plain Washers Cross pan head screw and Cross Recessed Pan Head Screws, Spring Lock Washer and Plain Washer 

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3 Internal Tooth Washer This type of lock washer consists of many teeth on the inside diameter that cut into the nut or bolt. The internal 

Flat vs. Lock Washers — What You Need to Know Before

These washers are very similar to spring washers and lock fasteners into place to add an extra level of security. They're typically attached to 

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You may be right in terms of corrosion, but adding a flat washer is wrong and will defeat the action of the lock washer. Without the flat washer, the lock washer digs into the fastener and the part being fastened. This is how the lock washer "locks".

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Ideally the lock washer goes into the threaded fastener first followed by the flat washer. This way the lock washer adds tension to the fastener assembly. It 

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Washers are a thin ring of material with a hole in the centre. They are an essential part of any fastener assembly and are used in conjunction with screws, nuts 

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Flat Washers A split lock washer is not flat. It features a semi-coiled design that gradually rises. With the rise in the washer, this portion digs into the fastener preventing it from coming loose in the future. A flat washer on the other hand is used for the purpose of creating more surface area for the nut or bolt to make contact with.

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Flat and lock washers are two of the most common types of washers. A flat washer is a basic washer that's flat on both sides. A lock washer is a semi-coiled washer that's used to secure bolts in place.

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When a lock washer and flat washer are used together and tightened sufficiently to ensure the designed preload is achieved, the lock washer is pressed too hard against the flat washer. This smoothens the surface of the lock washer and it eventually loses its ability to 'lock.' It becomes useless.

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