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The Bearing Checker is based on the Shock Pulse Method. Measurements with the SPM method give an indirect measure of impact velocity, i.e. the difference in 

Experimental investigation of ball bearing lubrication conditions by

conditions by shock pulse method Shock Pulse Meter 6−2000 tester with accelerometer The 6−2000 is switched on by pressing any of the five function keys. Power down function is automatic and happens approx 30 seconds after a function key is pressed. If the instruments fails to power down within one

Bearing condition monitoring based on shock pulse method and improved

The shock pulse method (SPM) has been widely used as a quantitative method for bearing condition monitoring. However, the shock value indicating the bearing condition may be mistakenly estimated by direct demodulation in the SPM. To overcome this deficiency, a new approach based on improved redundant lifting scheme (IRLS) is proposed.

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Vibration enveloping is commonplace for many of you. The shock pulse method was invented in the late 1960s. In rolling element bearings, there is a phenomenon where electric waves, or elastic waves, or shock pulses, or impact signals, are generated. The amplitude of these impacts is determined by three different parameters.

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Interference from other pulse sources;. The shock pulse method can be illustrated by the example of a metal ball fall on a metal object.

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May 13,  · 1.4 Mounting the shock pulse meter 1. Remove the protective caps from the measuring nipples. 2. Connect the shock pulse meter. Make sure that the distance between the

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the shock pulse on the system through the use of a single-degree-of-freedom idealization, assuming that the fundamental mode parallel to the direction of the pulse is the sole contributor to maximum deformation and corresponding stresses. This method utilizes a combination of Rigid Formats 3 and 1 in place of Rigid Format 9 or 12.

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Shock Pulse Method is a signal processing technique used to measure metal impact and rolling noise such as those found in rolling element bearings and gears. Much more refined than other high frequency measurements, Shock Pulse is widely used throughout the world as a basis for predictive maintenance. Rolling element bearings are the most common

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The Shock Pulse Method is the monitoring and analyzation of high freauency compression (shock) waves generated by a bearing while rotating. From this.

The Shock-pulse method for the detection of damaged rolling

This method is to detect mechanical shocks caused by faults in rolling bearings. The shock-pulse method has been introduced into industry and some of this 

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Aug 22,  · The shock pulse method was invented in the late 1960s. In rolling element bearings, there is a phenomenon where electric waves, or elastic waves, or shock pulses, or

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A method and system for determining the lubricational condition of an operating rolling element bearing utilizing a shock pulse measuring technique. A schedule of occurring shock pulses and lubricant film parameters for a running rolling element control bearing is established. The magnitude of occurring shocks within the operating bearing is determined and the lubricational

Condition Based Maintenance by Shock Pulse Method

by shock pulse method. K. Takeuchi, H. Sanyoshi, Y. Fukuari, S. Inami, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan. ABSTRACT. Rotating equipments, such as blowers and 

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Signal and measurement. Transducer and measuring procedure are the same as for the dBm/dBc method (TD-213). The shock pulse meter counts the rate of occurrence 

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The work details in this report will employ Shock Pulse Method (SPM) as a signal processing technique to measure shock pulses on rolling element bearings. The shocks generated by bearings will be displayed on the instrument by touching the bearing housing with the built-in probe.

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759 kB. 12/19/2013. In conjunction with the company’s 40th anniversary, SPM Instrument AB now presents the next generation of its wellknown shock pulse method. SPM HD® is an advanced and patent pending measuring technique suitable for all types of applications and particularly well suited for low speed machinery.


processing method in the early 1960’s. Firstly SRS was used by U.S. Department Of Defense. Now this signal processing method is standardized by ISO 18431-4 Mechanical The shock response spectrum assumes that the mechanical shock pulse is applied as a common base input to a group of independent single-degree-of-freedom systems, see figure

Prognostics of rolling element bearings using shock pulse

In recent decades, the shock pulse method has been developed to detect faults in the early stage of rolling element bearings degradation.

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Shock Pulse Method filters out this phase of the collision, as the magnitude of the vibration is structure and material dependent. Measuring Shock Pulse Signals 

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The shock pulse method was the start of condition monitoring and condition based maintenance, targeting the machine part that causes most breakdowns, the bearings. The scientific task was to find a physical event that mirrored bearing con- dition, quantify it, and transform the mea- sured value into a condition reading.

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The shock pulse method is based on the knowledge that a shock, i.e. a mechanical impact, causes particles to accelerate at the point of impact. In turn, the accelerated particles give rise to a pressure wave whose propagation during the initial stages is only defined by the impact speed.