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flpwr.com, Inc. offers Standard Flow Parallel Circuit and High Flow Parallel Circuit aluminum manifolds in NFPA D03 and D05 valve patterns. Here are just some of the features and options of our Manifolds, please visit out Product Page for more information on each one. • ISO-4401 Valve Pattern • SAE.ISO 11926 Port Thread types • 2.13

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SPECIFICATIONS AND/OR DIMENSIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. Directional Control Valves D05 (NG10) Subplate, pattern NG 10, 16 or 25.

Directional spool valves, direct operated, with solenoid actuation

Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-05-04-0-05 and NFPA T3.5.1 R2-2002 D05. ▷ High-power solenoid, optionally rotatable by 90°.

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KV00501065) is required when valves are mounted on manifolds, side outlet subplates or when used as a pilot valve. Weight (Mass): Single Solenoid, 15.7 lb (7,1 kg); Double Solenoid, 24.8

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HYVAIR D05 VALVE D05SD-2C-12D-35 DOUBLE SOLENOID HYDRAULIC $ 175.73 Buy It Now $20.00 Shipping Condition: New Location: Montevallo, United States HYVAIR VALVE D05SD-2C-12D-35. The valves are designed to last 30 million spool shifts under proper use. A bolt kit is included standard with each valve. more

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D03 valve pattern only. BA Manifold Pattern ISO 4401-05-04 NFPA T3.5.1-D05 See Tech Information D05 This adaptor permits the installation of a D03 valve on a D05 manifold. This adaptor, unlike *D03D05VABA*, properly orients the A & B ports on the manifold to the respective valve solenoids. This adaptor permits the installation of a D03 valve on

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Port o-rings are included with all valves. Mounting bolts must be ordered separately, .500-13 U.N.C. Threaded x 1.25 inches (32 mm), Grade 8 or better; six required. Recommended mounting torque is 55 lb•ft (75 N•m) maximum. SOLENOID MODEL DIMENSIONS These models use a D03 valve as a pilot.

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Hydraulic Manifold Block D05, Hydraulic Valve Manifold ABM10PH Series Hydraulic Manifold Block D05, ABM10PH hydraulic valve high flow manifold with ISO Ports is designed for the high flow rate of hydraulic systems.

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6/1 · • Quick Turnaround - Core products delivered from stock, Common configurations offered • Conversions of non-core products delivered in 7 days or less • NFPA D03 & D05 Directional Control Valves CSA certified • Sandwich Valves are mounted between directional

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Product Details of D05 Pattern Hydraulic Valve Subplates, G66/01, G67/01 series -411030, D05 Pattern Rexroth G66/01(G3/8) G67/(G1/2) NPT Port Single Station 

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The mounting surface drawing shows the standard N.F.P.A. D05 (CETOP 5) pattern, with the optional second "T" port. Mounting face must be flat within 0.0004 inch/4.0 inches (0,010 mm/102 mm) with a surface finish of 32 microinch (0,80 µm) AA. Port o-rings are included with all valves.

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DYNEX D05H - NFPA D05/ISO 05 PATTERN (With "X" and "Y" ports for external pilot and drain) DIRECTIONAL CONTROL VALVES Nominal Flow: 30 gpm (114 L/min), Max Flow: 40 gpm (151 L/min) Rated Pressure: 5 000 psi (350 bar) Actuator Options include: Solenoid Pilot; Hydraulic Piloted; Air Piloted. Special mounting pattern required. Full range of Spool types, Actuators, Electrical connections

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D05 Pattern Hydraulic Valve Subplates Product Detail Model No.: G66/01, G67/01 series -4110 Production Capacity: 20,000 Delivery Date: 20-35 Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Structure: Control Temperature of Media: High Temperature Brand Name: Egmec Max. Operation Pressure:: 350bar, 5075PSI Connection threads:: G3/8inch, G3/8inch or other

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D05JE Material Material Aluminum - 6061-T6 3000 psi l20.7 MPa Ductile Iron - D4512 5000 psi l34.5 MPa D A Port Location BBack ported Valve PatternSP Port Threads Port Location Back Ported Subplate Valve mtg: UNC 0.25-20 x 0.75 DP or Metric M6-1.0mm ISO 6H x [19.1] DP Subplate mounting hardware is supplied. See page 82 for itemized list.

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Valve Pattern ISO 4401-05-04 NFPA T3.5.1-D05 See Tech Information D05 Circuit Parallel Circuit HP High Flow Options See next page for available Material Valve / Pattern Circuit No. of Stations Valve Spacing Port Threads Options Material D † Working pressure should be considered in accordance

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6/23 · A D05 valve will have four and sometimes five orifices arranged in a vee pattern. The fifth orifice is used for valves that are pilot assisted. D05 hydraulic valves will weigh

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D05 Pattern Valves · Actuator Options include: Manual Lever; Direct Solenoid; Hydraulic Piloted; Air Piloted. · Exceptionally low pressure drop. · Full range of 

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D05 Pattern Dual Solenoid Specializing in the design, fabrication, and sales of hydraulic & pneumatic systems and components. Home About Us Contact Us Our Product Line Hydraulic Valves Flow Controls Directional Control Valves Relief and Unloader Valves

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these valves are easy to install and service. Choose from eight handle locations, with four positions on either port "A" or port "B" end of valve. To specify, A12 or B12 A9 or B9 A6 or B6 A3 or B3 Handle Positions Viewed from Port "A" or Port "B" End of Valve 24/DF 24 A.C. 50 23.00 4.10 38 0.56 (Dual Frequency) 24 A.C. 60 21.00

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NG10 (D05) Core Tube with fastening nut, without coil DL—DIN 46350 Form A connector DU -Duetsch DT04-2P Connector CL—Coil for Wiring Box ML- Manual, Push and 1/4 turn safety lock 72 54 40Ø37 3 2 2 29 2 Ø37 5 Ø37 101.5 Mounting Pattern Dimensions (mm):

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PowerFlow™ D05 Modular Stack Valves. MODULAR STACK VALVES ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED When reliability and durability count. count on Continental Hydraulics! Cartridge cavity is HydraForce VC12-2 with a flow pattern set up for checked flow port 2 to port 1. Cartridge # CV12-20--N-5 Buna N 5 PSI