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When I cleaned the pins the old nickel anti seize and some brake dust was the only thing on the pins. I cleaned them with Marine Clean and steel wool, wire brushed the threads clean then coated with new anti seize and reinstalled. Advance Auto parts store carries Cooper based anti-seiz compound, $6 a 6-oz bottle.

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Dielectric grease is a non-conductiing grease - used for sealing connectors, wiring etc. The paste on the back of semi conductors is a HEAT conductive paste that allows better transfer to the heat sinks. As an aside on anti seize: a couple of years ago, I cracked a ramshorn manifold on my 40. I allowed myself 2 hours to change it.

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Anti-seize is also a greasy lubricating substance, but unlike brake grease, it can take some heat. It can withstand temperatures up to 2600 degrees, thanks to its high-solids content. The flip side of that is that it can't be applied to fast-moving metals. It could easily jam the rotating parts and damage the system.

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Copper grease is an anti seize compound, so whilst technically it isn't a lubricant, it's often used for these purposes. Using Copper Grease is a sure way to seize up the slider pins - When I first started doing this type of thing many years ago, many people were using copper grease for their entire brakes.

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13/01/  · Anti-Seize Compound vs Grease in Mechanics' Lounge. Posted: Jan 12, at 21:46 Quote: Yeah, but galvanic corrosion is most likely to take place in situations where there is an electric current.

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11/05/  · Does Anti-Seize compound and lubricant actually work better than other options such as grease, fluid film, or candle wax? Does it work better than using not

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03/10/  · Anti-seize products are applied to bolts, fasteners, flanges and other clamped interfaces to prevent galling, seizing and corrosion, as well as lubricating to ease disassembly. Anti-seizes can be pastes, greases and coatings, and they can be based on a wide range of materials (e.g. copper, nickel) to suit particular systems.

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1,426 Posts. #11 · Mar 10, 2004. Grease, Locktite, anti-seize, and teflon tape. Mix them all together in one big witches brew and slop it on everything. Then, for good measure, use some duct tape around the BB cups to seal out dirt and moisture. Just being a wise-arse.

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Anti-seize is ideal for come on preparation on threaded and press fit applications, specially between two dissimilar materials. It provides a durable, durable layer of protection that guards against moisture and corrosion more effectively than grease. Any threaded or crusade fit application where you can use dirt, you can use anti-seize compound .

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03/02/  · In fact, using anti-seize in this application could induce corrosion much more rapidly than using a waterproof grease. The issue is of course most important in salt water,

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Copper grease is an anti seize compound designed to operate at extremes of temperature. Note, it is not a lubricant. It is often used to 

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Locktite goes on fasterners you can't afford to come loose, anti-seize goes on fasterners you want to be able to take apart without having to see a physical therapist the day after. M, Merkava_4,

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28/07/  · The grease is just a means of delivering the solids, and is actually a low temperature product. On a Harley, the main places to use anti-seize are the spark plug threads, axle shafts, and swing arm pivot. None of them need continuous lubrication, but the shafts can and will corrode and lock themselves in place.

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30/11/  · The grease is created through a procedure that combines oil with soap. This imparts a sticky quality to the grease which enables it to cling to the surface it has been applied to and stay in place longer. Copper grease is an anti-seize grease as opposed to a lubricant. READ NEXT, GREASE GUIDE: WHITE GREASE, EDD CHINA - INTERVIEW IN BARBER SHOP,

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10/06/2022 · Anti-seize is made with high solids elements and carrier grease. Because of its high solids elements, the anti-seize can withstand high temperatures. The downside of the

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Not a good idea. Copper based anti-seize grease used on steel or iron is probably a good idea, but I would not use it on anything with Aluminum. In basic Chemistry the teacher told a story about someone who used brass pipe fittings on the cooling connections on a very expensive Aluminum mold.

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02/08/  · Aluminium Anti Seize V Copper V Ceramic Grease. - Lrac, The proper red brake grease is the stuff to use, if that's the same as ceramic grease carry on. Problem with coppaslip it does attack rubber seals and dust covers, i have no idea what the AAS stuff will do to them or if it's compatible with brake fluid should it come in contact.

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High heat oils grease will fair better. Everything else you mentioned is fine. Just remember, if its easy to put together or take apart because you oiled it, it's also easy for it to loosen its self on its own.

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15/12/  · If you must use anti-seize, use aluminium anti-seize. But grease is best. Nah Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) is by far the best, grease contains Soap so can promote corrosion. chriswoody, Guru, Location, Northern Germany, 14 Dec , #8, From my own personal experience, never, ever, use grease on a seatpost.


Anti-seize lubricants are specialty lubricants that reduce friction between threaded and mated metal parts as well as prevent corrosion and 

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Greases make middling antiseize materials because they do not form a persistent release layer, they can dry or wash out. Improper use of either