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B7-12 Reducing Valve This low pressure reducing valve is equipped with a low inlet pressure check valve and removable strainer. It is suitable for use in buildings with a maximum of three floors. Nos. B-38, FB-38, B-38TU, & FB-38TU These low pressure reducing valves are equipped with a low inlet pressure check valve and removable strainer.

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The Apollo Lead Free* Pressure Reducing Valve Model PRE (69ELF Series) The PRV is designed to reduce pressure to a more functional level 

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This pressure reducing valve is a valve disc type (04) downstream pressure stabiliser, compensated by a spring (01) or (02) and balanced against 

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Steam, liquids and gases usually flow at high pressures to the points of final use. At these points, a pressure reducing valve lowers the pressure for safety and efficiency and to match the requirements of the application. There are three types of pressure reducing valves. Direct Acting.

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Pressure reducing and check valves are used to set the pressure of a hydraulic circuit below that of the main circuit. They have check valves, which allow a free flow from the secondary side to the primary. Operating under remote control is also possible by using the remote control port. Specifications

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The Model 720 Pressure Reducing Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that reduces higher upstream pressure to lower constant 

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01 Proportional pressure reducing valve, non-standard design, electrical actuation FTDRE 02 Size 2 2 03 Cartridge valve K Series 04 Series 40 to 49 or 4A to 4Z (unchanged installation and connection dimensions) 4X Maximum control pressure 05 18 bar 18 30 bar 30 06 Proportional solenoid, switching in oil A

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PMD31 Pressure Reducing Valve PDF click (477KB) ; PMD31 Pressure Reducing Valve. For medium flow rate. Size : 15〜150A P1 : 0.055〜1.0MPa. P2 : 0.035〜0.7MPa

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2019. 6. 6. · All steam pressure reducing valve stations will benefit from the installation of key items of critical upstream and downstream accessories. Separators and strainers will keep the steam dry and clean, protecting the pressure reducing valve from wear. Isolating valves and pressure gauges allow easy commissioning and maintenance.


The Pressure Reducing Control Valve shall automatically throttle to reduce a higher incoming pressure and maintain an accurate and constant lower downstream pressure regardless of changing flow rate and/or inlet pressure. If downstream pressure increases above the pilot spring setting, the valve shall close. When the outlet pressure is greater

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Pressure Reducing Valves. D15S. Pressure Reducing Valve. Diaphragm-actuated with Cartridge Insert. APPLICATION. According EN 806-2 pressure reducing valves 

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Type DR pressure valves are pilot operated pressure reducing valves, which are controlled from the secondary circuit. They basically consist of main valve (1) with main spool insert (3) and pilot control valve (2) with pressure adjustment element. At rest, the valves are open, this means that fl uid can freely

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D 06 FN pressure reducing valves R UK MA N B bar 6 8 10 4 2 0 bar 6 8 10 4 2 0 M 07 ZR 06 K RV 277 FN 09 S-AM VST 06 A VST 06 B 1977 and onwards. 11 Honeywell Braukmann Service Book Description Nominal size Part number a Spring bonnet 1/2" + 3/4" 0900153 complete 1" + 1 1/4" 0900154 1 1/2" + 2" 0900229


PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE (PRV). D1725. •. The Pressure Reducing Valve reduces and stabilises the fluid pressure on a water distribution system, according to.

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2022. 1. 10. · FLOMATIC Pressure Reducing and Check Valve Model No. C103/CF103 The Model No. C103/CF103 Pressure Reducing and Check Valve provides pressure reduction plus a check

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2022. 6. 15. · RE 58032/2022-02-02, Bosch Rexroth AG Proportional pressure reducing valve, direct operated, increasing characteristic curve FTDRE 2 K RE 58032/2022-02-02 Replaces: 2021-09-17 Features Contents Direct-operated proportional pressure reducing valve for reducing system pressure Cartridge valve


Some pressure reducing valves can be extremely noisy and cause annoyance, but each Reliance pressure reducing valve has been checked to ensure that any noise created does not exceed the 20dB limit: this is classed as a whisper on a decibel scale. Low noise is incorporated within the valve design so they comply with the European standard Class 1


AVK 859/000X-001 - pressure reducing control valve (reduced bore) which automatically Product_sheet_AVK_dual_stage_pressure_reducing_control_valve.pdf 


Open the catalog to page 4 Pressure reducing valves OPERATING PRINCIPLE The outlet pressure acts on the bottom face of the diaphragm, compressing the spring when it exceeds the pre-set value and thus closing the valve. As long as no water is drawn off the downstream side (noflow condition), the outlet pressure is thus kept at the pre-set value.