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Eaton Vickers 2CFRC60 Screw-in Flow Regulator

The 2CFRC60 is a screw-in Flow Regulator cartridge valve that regulate the flow independent of the load and pressure conditions of the system.

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Screw-in cartridge valves Servo valves: Eaton Vickers two-stage, four-way, flapper nozzle servo valves provide closed loop control with exact positional accuracy, repeatable velocity, and predictable force and torque regulation.

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Screw-in Cartridge Valves (5712) Coils (156) SiCV (3192) Eaton's complete range of Screw-in Cartridge Valves feature the latest technology, while leading the market in both selection and

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All of Eaton's solenoid valve cartridges are made of hardened and ground steel, which provides durability and low leakage. Enhanced corrosion protection Eaton cartridge valves and coils

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Our com- prehensive product line forms the basis for these solutions – pressure controls, directional controls, proportional and servo valves, all in cartridge,.

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Designing and Troubleshooting with Screw-in Cartridge Valves

SiCVs include solenoid-proportional and motion-control valves such as these from Eaton Corp. Flow. Another (perhaps obvious) application parameter needed is the system flow, which lets engineers size the valves properly. Flow varies depending on the type of actuator being used. Flow from cylinders can be multiples of the inlet flow.

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Get smooth, accurate control of your pressure and flow applications with our range of proportional screw-in cartridge (SiCV) valves. When applied in combination with Eaton logic element valves and other SiCV in a custom manifold assembly, Eaton proportional valves create an efficient, reliable hydraulic system.

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Screw-In Cartridge Valves Hydraulic Valves Eaton valves give our customers a competitive advantage in markets all over the world. Delivering unmatched quality across a wide range of

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Eaton Hydraulic Screw-in Cartridge Valves (SiCV) E-VLSC-MC001-E7—December A-2. A. Solenoid valves. Quality products and innovative 

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Eaton hydraulic valves deliver for a variety of applications and include many features and performance levels of true market leaders. · Check valves · Coils 

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Eaton’s screw-in cartridge valves provide many advantages over traditional hydraulic valves. While offering the same control functions as traditional hydraulic valves, screw-in cartridge

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6 EATON Slip-in Cartridge Valve Catalog E-VLSC-MC002-E1 August Functional Symbols - Covers Cover Type Graphical Symbol Cover Model Directional with stroke adjuster CVCS-**-A-*-20 Sizes 16-63 PA Directional with size 03 pilot CVCS-**-A3-*-20 interface & stroke adjuster Sizes 16-63 XY Blank CVCS-**-B-20 1 Sizes 16-63

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Introduction to Cartridge Valves Design Concept Poppet type valves have been used in hydraulic systems for many years. They are commonly known as two-port check valves. In this form, they serve as a one-way valve, allowing free flow in one direction while blocking flow in the reverse direction.

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Eaton flow control valves precisely factor in the temperature, pressure and volume of flow for efficient handling of each application. Whether the hydraulic system requires integrated relief screw-in cartridge valves, pressure compensation or a more specific combination of features, Eaton can provide the perfect fit.

Vickers Cartridge Valves Screw-In Cartridge Valves

Features and Benefits Vickers screw-in cartridge valves provide many advantages over traditional hydraulic valves. While offering the same control functions as traditional hydraulic valves, screw-in cartridge valves are compact, reliable, and economical.

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SV1-16-C--00 Valves from EATON CORPORATION 2-Year Warranty - SOLENOID CARTRIDGE VALVE, 210 BAR, SCREW-IN, CARTRIDGE SIZE 16, 2 WAY 2 POSITION, NORMALLY CLOSED, BUNA-N, 35 GPM MAX FLOW, NO MANUAL OVERRIDE, (565538) Shop Online . Search Product. Advanced Search; Global Parts Search;

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EATON Slip-in Cartridge Valve Catalog E-VLSC-MC002-E1 August 5 Product Availability Summary - Inserts Sizes NG-16 to NG-63 Size Cover Most Commonly Model Type Description 1625 3240 5063 Used With C025 1:0.25 area ratio • • • • C025 D10 Relief 1:1 area ratio • • • • (S)C, (S)C3

Eaton Vickers IRV1-10 Screw-in Proportional Valves

The IRV1-10 screw-in Proportional Valves cartridge valve that is a Proportional Valvesly controlled inverse pilot poppet relief valve.

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Indtools Sales & Services (Unit Of ITL Industries Limited) - Offering Eaton 02-112800 Screw-in Cartridge Valve, Hydraulic Cartridge Valve,