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h3cr Multifunktionelle Zeitrelais-Serie im DIN-Format 48 x 48 mm Diese elektronische Zeitrelaisfamilie umfasst ein Multifunktions-Zeitrelais, ein Zwillings-Zeitrelais, ein Stern-Dreieck-Zeitrelais und ein Abfallverzögerungs-Zeitrelais.

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Specifications Type Analog Installation type Socket Functions Multi-functional Size 1/16 DIN (48 x 48 mm) Terminal Plug-in Operating mode Flicker ON Start (Power ON Start), Interval (Power ON

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H3CR-A8 AC100-240/DC100-125. Solid-state Multi-functional Timers Print Page. Image. 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 100 to 125 VDC, Output Time-limit: DPDT, ON delay/Flicker OFF start/Flicker ON start/Interval/One shot output, Time range: 0.05 to 1.2 s (18 range), 8-pin. Rated power supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 100 to 125 VDC Ripple 20% max. (If power supply

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H3CR-A8 (Contact Output) Power Input 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Front 48 48 Top view Founded in 1933, JAPAN Multi-functional TIMER Dimensions (Unit: mm) Technical criteria Rated supply voltage100 to 240 VAC (50/60Hz) or 100 to 125 VDC Reset Power Off time0.1 s min Operating Temperature−10 to 55 °C Signal Input type− Start Signal input time− Output

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View online or download PDF (635 KB) Omron H3CR-A8 User manual • H3CR-A8 PDF manual download and more Omron online manuals.

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VDC power supply are available (the H3CR-A-302 and H3CR-A8-302).) For details, consult your OMRON sales representative. 4. The values are for when the 

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Six-language instruction manual provided. Broad Line-up of H3CR Series H3CR Multifunctional Timer H3CR-A H3CR-AS H3CR-AP H3CR-A8 H3CR-A8S H3CR-A8E Twin Timer H3CR-F H3CR-FN H3CR-F-300 H3CR-FN-300 H3CR-F8 H3CR-F8N H3CR-A8 24 to 48 VAC (50/60 Hz)/ 12 to 48 VDC,, (Power supply start) 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)/ 100 to 125 VDC 0.1 s to 600 h

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H3CR-A/A8. H3CR-AP. H3CR-A8E. H3CR-AS/A8S. Rated supply voltage (See. Note 1.) 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz)/100-125 VDC;. 24-48 VAC (50/60 Hz)/12-48 VDC.

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H3CR-G8L H3CR-G8EL H3CR-HRL H3CR-H8L H3CR-H8RL H3CR-H Lea detenidamente el contenido de este catálogo antes de adquirir lo s productos. Consulte al representante de OMRON si tiene al guna duda o comentario que hacer. Consulte Garantía y consideraciones de aplicación (CD) y Precauciones de seguridad (páginas C-99, C-120, Común para H3CR en CD).

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H3CR-A8 AC100-240/DC100-125. Solid-state Multi-functional Timers Print Page. Image. 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 100 to 125 VDC, Output Time-limit: DPDT, ON delay/Flicker OFF

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View and Download Omron H3CR manual online. Solid-state Timer H3CR Series. H3CR timer pdf manual download. Also for: H3cr-a, H3cr-as, H3cr-ap, H3cr-a8, H3cr-a8s, H3cr-a8e, H3cr-f, H3cr-fn, H3cr-f-300, H3cr-fn-300, H3cr-f8, H3cr-f8n, H3cr-f8-300, H3cr-f8n-300, H3cr-g8l, H3cr-g8el, Sign In. Upload. Download Contents Table of Contents. Share. URL of this page: HTML

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H3CR-A8 Catalog / Manual / Instructions / Software download H3CR-A8 Introduce | H3CR-A8 Catalog / Manual / Instructions / Software download Catalog Name (English) Download H3CR-A8 Model selection sample Download [6.32MB] Manual Name (English) Download [Instruction Sheet] H3CR-A/-AS Solid-State Timer (ENG/JPN/CHI) Download [2.17MB]

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to large size of manual PDF data. *The manual that the name starts with "Instruction Sheet" is simplifiedsupplied with the product. _[540KB] Dec 17, 

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ควบคุมงานของคุณเป นเรื่องง าย OMRON มีTimers (ไทม เมอร ) H3CR-A8-301 AC100-240/DC100 1,574 ฿ Stock Solid-State Timer H3CR-F / -G / -H Part No.

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timer H3CR-F8 manual. Abstract: No abstract text available. Text: , refer to your OMRON website. â– Time Ranges Time unit Fullscale setting 1.2 s 

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H3CR-AP (Contact Output) Power supply Note: 1. Terminal 5 is empty. 2. Separate power supplies can be used for the Timer and in- puts. because its operating mode is six multi-modes (four multi-modes for the H3CR-A8). 8-pin Models H3CR-A8/-A8-301 (Contact Output) Power supply H3CR-A8S (Transistor Output) Power supply Note: Terminals and 5 are

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For CAD drawing downloads, click on the link of your required format.

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Functions. Multi-functional. Size. 1/16 DIN (48 x 48 mm) Terminal. Plug-in. Operating mode. Flicker ON Start (Power ON Start), Interval (Power ON Start), ON Delay (Power ON Start), One-shot Output (Power ON Start) Output type.

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OMRON H3CR-A8 100-240AC/100-125DC | Timer; 0,05s÷300h; DPDT; 250VAC/5A; Usup: 100÷240VAC; 100÷125VDC - This product is available in Transfer 

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Solid-state output Please comply strictly with the following instructions which are intended to ensure safe operation of the controller. (1) Make sure the proper product is specified for the application. (2) For correct use, do not subject the timer to the following conditions. • Dramatic temperature fluctuations

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VDC power supply are available (the H3CR-A-302 and H3CR-A8-302).) 4. The values are for when the terminals 2 and 7 and terminals 10 and 6 are short-circuited, and include the consumption current of the