piston u-cup seals. sr no size sr no size 1 . 16 x 8 x 6.3 . 42 : 75 x 63 x 9 . 2 ; 18 x 8 x 8 . 43 ; 80 x 60 x 10 . 3 ; 20 x 12 x 6.3

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It also prevents any metal-to-metal contact that could cause damage or scratches to the surface, which could eventually lead to seal damage, leaks and component damage. Packing. All size of PTFE Stips packed like a roll as below: Guide Ring Size Chart. You can DOWNLOAD guide ring size list on line. I think those size can meet all your requirements.

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D (H8) d (h9) L (+0.2/‑0) ds (h8) d1 (±0.1) L1 (+0.2/‑0) C MATERIAL Kastaş K18 020‑011 20 11 13.5 17 19 2.1 4 NB8001 10003 K18 022‑013 22 13 13.5 19 21 2.1 4 NB8001 10003 K18 025‑015 25 15 16.4 21.45 23.5 6.35 4 NB8001 10003

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Proper Piston Seal Groove Measurement Bore Diameter (5.00") - Piston Diameter (4.996") Diametrical Clearance = .004" 5.000" .195" 4.996" Measuring Tips • Failure to account for the radial gap between piston and bore will lead to reduced seal performance. 5.00" - 4.996" = .004" Divide Diametrical Clearance (.004") by 2 Radial Gap = .002"

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Shaft, Bore, and Width are all searchable in inches and millimeters. This interactive chart will display all matching sizes based on the dimensions keyed. For more information or to request

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We supply 100s of styles and 1000s of sizes of hydraulic seals in inch and metric 50+ styles of Piston Seals in both inch and metric and available in 


Leakage and Drift Expectation - Rod seal film control and piston seal drift charts to determine seal part number, gland groove dimensions, tolerances, 

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Piston Seal Product Offering Profiles Table 7-1: Product Profiles Series Description Application (Duty) Light Medium Heavy Pneumatic Page BP Premium TPU Cap Seal 7-5 PSP TPU Piston

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Unit conversions Unit conversions Quantity Unit Conversion Length inch 1 mm 0.03937 in. 1 in. 25,40 mm foot 1 m 3.281 ft. 1 ft. 0,3048 m yard 1 m 1.094 yd. 1 yd. 0,9144 m Speed, velocity

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O-Ring Size Chart Technical Information This information is intended as a guideline. Rocket Seals, Inc. assumes no legal responsibility for the accuracy of this data. Please click here to view O-Ring Size Chart A Quote If you have any questions, please fill out the form below and a Rocket Seals technical expert will get in touch with you shortly.

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Hydraulic Seals, Wipers, Rod Seals, Piston Seals, and Wear Rings With a large online verity of high performance seals in thousands of sizes.

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piston seal,Y ring, Y seal, piston seal ring, rubber piston seals,polyurethane seal,pneumatic seals,pneumatic piston seals,piston ring Size of Sealing Element Groove Size D d H D d S1 S2 T YXD-16 16 10 8 16 10 9 10.5 1.5 YXD-18 18 12 8 18 12 9 10.5 1.5

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Hydraulic Seal. Rod Seal; Piston and Rod Seal; Piston Seal; Wear Strip; Wear Ring; Wiper Seal; O Ring; V Packing; Back-up Ring; Spring Energized Seal; High-pressure Rotary Seals; Water Pump Seal; Oil & Gas Seal. API 6A Wellhead Equipment Seal; Fracturing Pump Seal; Downhole Seal; API 6D Ball Valve & LNG Seal-50℃~180℃-100℃~180℃-196℃~121℃

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BRLRJI Regd. O": Building No.2, Flat No.243, Seva Samiti Society, Sion Koliwada. Mumbai - 400 037, India. Works: unit No 24, Pilot Industrial Estate, Navghar,

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Double-acting Piston Seal for one or two-piece piston. Nitrile seal, nylon split Back Ups and Wear Rings. Stock items are listed below, but other sizes and 

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General installation guidelines for piston seals 20 General installation guidelines for rod seals 22 Maximum gap allowance 24 Wipers 27 Guiding elements 53 Rod seals 77 Piston seals 109 Other seal products 135 O-rings 136 Anti-extrusion rings 142


Check seal material compatibility for temperature and fluid. 3. Select seal cross section size. 4. Use pre-engineered charts to determine seal part number, gland groove dimensions, tolerances, and metal machine surface finishes. 5. To determine dimensions for non-standard rod or bore diameters not shown in the charts, please contact Hi-Tech

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Piston Seal Wear Strip Wear Ring Wiper Seal O Ring V Packing Back-up Ring Spring Energized Seal High-pressure Rotary Seals Oil & Gas Seal API 6A Wellhead Equipment Seal Fracturing Pump Seal

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standard seals dimensions. contact our sales department. We are able to supply other dimensions required. pneumatic piston seal is used as pneumatic.

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Proper Piston Seal Groove Measurement Bore Diameter (5.00”) - Piston Diameter (4.996”) Diametrical Clearance = .004” 5.000” .195” 4.996” Measuring Tips • Failure to account for the