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KODAK PROFESSIONAL HC110 Developer • J-24 3 DEVELOPMENT TIMES If film is properly exposed, the times in the following tables should produce negatives with contrast suitable for printing with a diffusion enlarger (or by contact) on a normal-contrast black-and-white paper. If printing negatives with a condenser enlarger,

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I've got a roll of 5222 in the camera now that I'll stand develop in HC110 dil G. A couple qustions about that:

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Stand Developing With HC-110 · Presoak the film for 5 minutes in water at 68 degrees · Mix 6mL HC-110 syrup with 714ml water at 68 degrees (720mL 

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Dilution J or 1+150 and then let it sit for forty-five minutes. Just make sure you remember the minimum 5mL rule for HC-110. I've also heard of 

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3/15 · Kodak HC-110 1:119. I mixed 595ml distilled water with 5ml HC-110. Develop for 45 minutes at 20c agitating for the first minute. Let stand the remaining of the time. Rinse w/

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4/5 · This is Stand Development. The long time period allows the developer to deplete and it does not matter what speed you shot the film. If I shot the film only at 100 I would not have used this method. The stop sign was shot at 100 and the fallen tree was shot at 400. The next 2 images were shot at 100. This tree was shot at 800. The next 2 at 400.

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2007/3/21 · ryuji_suzuki. "According to your criteria, the developing agent most suitable to stand development is p-aminophenol, (Rodinal)which is relatively insensitive to potassium bromide, followed closely by metol/phenidone." p-aminophenol is more sensitive to bromide than Metol or Phenidone. ryuji_suzuki, Mar 4, 2005. #1.

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which causes blurriness in certain cases of stand development? i'm going to HC-110 is usually classified as a solvent developer.

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I've developed 35mm HP5+ in HC110 using stand development. Has anyone tried doing 4x5's this way. Part of me says if it works in 35 it should be OK, but there's still a doubt. Thanks for any input.

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Stand development is an old black and white film development method. Let's see how to do it with Rodinal, Ilford LC29 or Kodak HC110 !

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Let The Film Testing Begin April 5, In "400TX". XP2 Super VS Portra 400 for B&W September 22, In "FIGITAL 2.0". Kodak Portra 400 Chromogenic Bleach Bypass with HC110 Developer October 6, In "FIGITAL 2.0". FIGITAL 2.0. ← RGB to Greyscale in Photoshop.

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10/6 · A quick video looking at Kodak Portra 400 using HC110 dilution G for a chromogenic B&W Bleach Bypass. Very interesting results when compared to XP2 super fro

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This item: Kodak HC-110 Professional Developer, 1L $47.90 Ilford HP5+ 35mm, 36 exposures, 5 Rolls $41.95 ($0.23/Count) 5 Rolls Ilford HP5 400 120 Film $38.99 ($7.80/Count) color film developer xtool film developer kodak tmax developer adox adonal black and white fixer sprint speed fixer bw developer kodak developer kit Videos for related products

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I am not happy with the contrast that I get push developing Tri-X in HC-110, using standard agitation and dilutions, and want to use stand development to keep the contrast under control. Can HC-110 be used to stand develop? I have seen very nice results using Rodinal in 100:1 and 200:1

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Hi people, I have a problem. I am a 56 Yr old College student and getting back into Photography, My school used Kodak HC 110.

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Of course, HC110 or D76 or Rodinal are about half the cost and provides beyond acceptable results. So, the above described process is simply known as 'Development' or developing your film. In Stand Development (SD), a much smaller amount of developer is used but, the time to develop it is extended significantly.

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10/24 · 1. Load Your Film. This is where you get your chemistry and developing equipment together. And, load up your film in your developing tank. 2. Mix Up Your Chemistry. We are

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Like to share one stand development data for Shanghai GP100 film HC110 5ml to 600cc water at 20C (Ansel Adams 1:119 ratio) Kodak 400TX 18 

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5/19 · The Mortensen method. Dilute ID11 stock at 1+3. Get the temperature to 20ºC. Pour into the tank, start clock and agitate for 30 seconds. Agitate three gentle inversions each 30

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7/22 · HC-110 is a great developer with nice, fine grain detail. The downside that I saw from it, was it retained less mid tones than both Rodinal and XTOL. Rodinal is also a liquid