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300 rpm: 373 rpm: 431 rpm: 500 rpm: 549 rpm: 597 rpm: 600 rpm: 750 rpm: 900 rpm: 1,160 rpm: 1,200 rpm: 1,230 rpm: 1,400 rpm: 1,500 rpm: Less than 0.125 hp: 0.125 to 0.249 hp: 0.25 to 0.499 hp: 0.5 to 0.999 hp: 1 hp or greater: Motor Type. Motor Type; Brushed: With two location options for any-angle mounting, you can put these DC motors

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300 HP (300 Horsepower) T-Frame Motor & TC-Frame Motor is now available for sale at the website of electric motors. Shop yours now by visiting our online store. Toggle menu Free

GE D486 DC Motor, 300 HP, 1750/1900 rpm, 300/150V

GE D486 DC Motor, 300 HP, 1750/1900 rpm, 300/150V, 506AT Frame, Drip proof Fully Guarded - Self Ventilated, F1 Foot Mount. The image shown is representative 

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Bid History for 300 HP DC Motor Auction Start Date: 04/28/17 11:04 AM ET Auction End Date: 05/05/17 1:00 PM ET Asset ID: 466 Number of Bids: 22. Loading bid history

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300 HP, 3600 RPM, GE, FRAME 509LS, BBTEFC, 2300/4000 V, NEW,(2). $1.00 Add to cart New A.C. and D.C. Electric Motors.

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Motor Specifications Engine Type: Mercury 300HP Inline 8 Four Stroke Horsepower: 30..

Speed Control DC Motor, Elite Series Specifications, 5-300 HP

Speed Control DC Motor: Elite Series, 5 to 300 horsepower, go here to view specifications, brochure, features and more, manufacturer is Carotron, Inc

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Make: General Electric. HP:100 Field Volts: 300/150. Condition: It is an unused spare that was never installed. 100 HP DC General Electric Motor, 300 RPM, 6058 Frame, DPFV

300 HP DC General Electric Motor, 1750 RPM, 506AT Frame

Does Not Apply. Mounting Type: Foot-Mounted. Shaft Diameter: 3.25. Rated Load (HP):. 300. Brand: General Electric. Base RPM: 1750. Shaft Type:.

Digital Regenerative DC Drive D4Q1-3000, 300 HP, 225 kW

Input: 480V AC Three Phase, Output: 500V DC Armature, 300V DC Field, 300 HP, 530 Amps.

300 hp DC motor knocking noise - Eng-Tips

I have a 300 hp DC motor with a ABB DCS800 drive. While running the motor makes a knocking sound. When power is removed from the motor the 

300 hp General Electric DC Motor 260/1250 Rpm - PTM11568

Manufacture: General Electric; HP: 300; RPM: 260/1250; Arm Volts: 500; Arm Amps: 510; Type: CD4670; Duty: CONT; Max. Amb Temp.

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Used 300 HP Vertical Electric Motor (US Electric) Used US Electric 300 HP electric motor with following features: • 885 RPM • 4000 Volts • 48 Amps • 3 Phase • 60 Hz • 1.15 Service Factor •

Horsepower (HP) to Current (Amps) Conversion Chart

The table first column indicates the DC current and followed by the AC current. AC current is calculated by the power factor of 0.86 for single-phase supply and 0.8 for three-phase supply. Look at the table the 1 hp motor takes will be 1.3 A at 440 Volts three-phase at the same time while using single-phase it takes only 3.8 Amps.

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28 Winding The type of field winding is also listed on the nameplate. Shunt winding is typically used on DC Drives. Field Volts and Amps Shunt fields are typically wound for 150 VDC or 300 VDC. Our sample motor has a winding that can be connected to either 150

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300w Dc Motor Dc 110v Gear Motor ZD Flange Size Of 60mm-104mm High Torque And Power Of 6W To 300W 12V 24V 48V 90V 110V 220V Brush Permanent Magnet DC Gear Motor

300 W (2/5 HP) BLE2 Series Brushless DC Motor Speed Control Systems

The BLE2 Series features a compact, high-power and high-efficiency brushless DC motor. The entire motor structure features our latest brushless DC motor technology and has been innovated in pursuit of the optimal performance. It is combined with a Driver that can be digitally set and controlled via external DC voltage or by the front panel.

300 hp DC motor knocking noise - Electric motors & generators

I have a 300 hp DC motor with a ABB DCS800 drive. While running the motor makes a knocking sound. When power is removed from the motor the noise goes completely away as it winds down, so it doesn't seem like the bearings. The noise is there when going up in speed and when going down it stops and then starts making the noise again when it meets

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2022/1/27 · 6 BAlDoR-ReliAnce® inTeGRAl HoRSePoweR Dc MoToRS Note: DPBV motors do not include blowers. See Modification Section for the price adder. For 230V or 460V, three phase, 60 hertz, full wave power supply, NEMA Type C, 240V or 500V armature, 150/300V

300 HP DC General Electric Motor, 1750 RPM, 506AT Frame, DPFV, 550 V

GE CD685AS 300 HP DC Motor 500V 1150/1500 RPM SPFG-SV CD-685AS Kinamatic 300HP. Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored + shipping + shipping + shipping. General Electric 5CD223SA048B001 DC Motor 300 HP 500 V 1750 RPM DPFG + shipping + shipping + shipping. 300 HP DC General Electric Motor, 1150 RPM, 685AS Frame, DPFV, 550 V Arm.

300 HP DC Motor, Reliance 500V Arm.

Reliance Electric Motor. Model TR. Frame 505 AT 300 HP 500 V. 485 Amps 1750 RPM #27. Cleaned and Painted. Wire & Plastic Machinery offers equipment: as is, test run and fully inspected, many machines can be reconditioned. Items listed on the website are for infomational purposes only. Please base your purchasing decision on specific information