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First one is Rodinal (Adox Adonal) with Ilford HP5+ I shot a roll of HP5 at box speed and then stand developed it in Adonal for 80 mins with minimal 

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I ending up shooting the FP4 at 125, 200 and 400 and the HP5 at 400, 800 and 1600 ISO. All the shots were metered with the Lumu app. I had a 

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Ilford HP5 is a medium-speed black and white film with a rich grain structure and an incredible tonal range. HP5 shows moderate contrast when compared to Kodak Tri-X, making it a better overall film when pushing to higher ISOs. It's also easy to print and scan, making it one of the best films currently on the market.

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18/04/  · Stand development will give you even less contrast than what you are experiencing with Rodinal 1:50. If your negatives are lacking contrast and HP5+ is producing less grain than Tri-X are your HP5+ negatives being underdeveloped?

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02/12/  · After a fairly successful first attempt at home developing B&W film (by which I mean "successful for a total newbie" - i.e. I got some useable negatives ), I'll shortly be developing my second roll. In my previous session, I developed some 120 Fomapan 200 - a T-grain film, apparently - using Rodinal at 1+50 dilution for 10 minutes, with constant inversions for the first

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I have shot an HP5 film that expired in 2003. I see the stand development at 1:100 with 5ml Rodinal at 20°C for 60minute as the safest way 

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27/05/  · rodinal-stand id11-stock 2-bath pyro THE MORTENSEN METHOD. Dilute ID11 stock at 1+3. Get the temperature to 20ºC. Pour into the tank, start clock and agitate for 30 seconds. Agitate three gentle inversions each 30 seconds for the first ten minutes. Leave standing, untouched for 50 minutes. Agitate every minute for the next ten minutes.

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Rodinal is my developer of choice for stand development for a few For HP5 PLUS at 1600, 18-ish-ml Rodinal, agitation for the first 

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So I'm thinking about giving stand developing a go with the above film and developer. I looked up the massive dev chart and found a mixture 

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Search: Rodinal Recipe. The price for ready made Rodinal in $13 I've been reluctant because of all the problems I've read about the full stand method smith water heater temperature sensor, Absolute temperature, also called thermodynamic temperature, is the temperature of an object on a scale where 0 is taken as absolute zero The recipes will be updated soon to include standardized weights and

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Rodinal 1:00 and HP5+ Question My roommate and I want to do our first stand development (preferably semi-stand to decrease the risk of bromide drag). We both shot HP5+ at box speed so we'd like to develop the rolls together for economical purposes.

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The keys to Stand Developing are: 1. I'm more of an Ilford HP5 and Delta 400 guy but souping Tri-X in Rodinal really can recreate the 

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Relating that to film, during stand development the Rodinal will exhausts itself in areas which require greater development whilst remaining active in less-exposed areas, which has the effect of boosting shadow detail whilst preserving bright highlights. Through stand development, your result is a drastically compressed tonal range.

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Posts about Stand Development written by Tony. Skip to content. Search. with Kodak's 2238 film. We decided to shoot the film at 50 ISO. He would develop his in Rodinal, a tried and true developer for this film and one of my favorite developers for it. 35mm D23 Film Film Development Fomapan 100 Helios 44-2 Home Developed Ilford HP5

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Usually with a push development you get very increased contrast, stand development with a weak developer avoids this. 60 minutes stand in Rodinal 1:100 at 20 °C is a good starting point. Most films will give usable results. If you like it depends on your taste. The slower the film, the less time you need.

My approach to Rodinal semi-stand film development

12/02/  · For clarity on the above, if developing two HP5+ rolls exposed at their box speed EI400, I’ll use 8ml of Rodinal, agitation as above. For two rolls of HP5 PLUS exposed at EI 800,

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In my experience with stand developing, anything after an hour is generally just wasting time. You are developing to chemical 

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Rodinal stand development: light fuse and get away Patented in 1891, Rodinal is one of the oldest film developers in the world. Formerly manufactured by now-defunct Agfa, it's still produced by Agfa's remnant company in Europe, Adox, under the name R09. Despite its impressive age this developer still has a lot going for it.

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22/05/  · Mix the Rodinal concentration with 290 ml of tap water for 35mm, 380 ml for 127 and 500 ml for 120 add 1 part Rodinal for 150 parts water—so that’s 1.9ml for 35mm, 2.5ml for

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My personal recipe for stand dev in Rodinal: 3 to 4 cc of developer per film (either 135 or 120), 20 degrees (but 18 to 24 is still fine), 1 min agitation at the beginning, then rest for 55 minutes. Increasing to 4cc is about one stop push. I use mostly Fuji Neopan Acros 100 and Ilford HP5 La mia ricetta per lo stand dev in Rodinal: da 3 a

How many minutes should I develop Ilford HP5 in Rodinal 1:50?

I shot some rolls of HP5, and planned on developing it in Rodinal. Ilford HP5+ is a film emulsion well known for its ability to stand a lot of abuse as