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In Dark Souls 2, merchants have miscellaneous items on sale. Each one of them specializes in a certain area of bartering. The merchants available at the beginning of the game. have been listed below. Available goods: Ring Of The Evil Eye, Silvercat Ring, Redeye Ring, Name-engraved Ring, Ring of Whispers, Homeward Bone, Prism Stone, Alluring

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The ring reduces fall damage, and many will remember fist testing it to go down the well in Majula in Dark Souls 2. Japanese brand Torch Torch 

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Among Shalquoir's wares is the Silvercat ring, whose circlet resembles a leaping, blue-eyed cat. 'You've seen that gaping hole over there?

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Wherein John Proxy decides to test the virtues of a gravity softening ring t help get him to the rumored Pit.Well it's not a rumor as such more like a spoile

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Introducido por primera vez en Dark Souls 2 y luego regresando en Dark Souls 3, el Silvercat Ring es un anillo con el que muchos jugadores están muy 

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18/03/  · Silver ring depicting a leaping. Dark Souls II Guide. Search Guide. Table of Contents. Game Info Silvercat Ring. updated Mar 18, . Silver ring depicting a leaping feline.

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13/03/  · Silvercat Ring worth buying? Topic Archived; Page 1 of 2; Last ; Product Deals. Amazon. Find this product on Amazon. Target. $19.99. GameStop. $24.99. More Topics from

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Dark Souls 2 - Majula. Requires the House Key. You can find thtat item at the corpse, in the corner of the library. In the very center of the location, there is a big hole. To get inside, you need the Silvercat Ring or a very high amount of health points. You simply need to keep jumping down and land on bridges. This way,

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If you have enough health, it's possible to survive. But the ring was not necessarily intended to be used in that specific scenario. 3. level 1. Parnezzi. · 8y. your supposed to use a ladder to go down the well. 2. level 2.

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12/04/  · This is the pit in the middle of Majula. Buying the Silvercat Ring from Shalquoir for 13,400 souls, allows you to drop to the first board walkway in the pit without dying, as long as your VGR is 5 (768 HP). NOTE: However, you must be wearing only the Silvercat Ring, have 0.5% equip burden, and not have any forward momentum while dropping. It

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A Nugget Jul 21, 11:57am. Originally posted by Raigavin: It works, only that it requires you to make a fall which you will survive even with 1 HP remaining from your current HP (when without the ring). So if you make a fall which does 500 damage (and you have 501 HP), wearing the ring and making the same fall won't damage you for 500 damage.

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All very 7untrue you need to level up hp first because fall damage in pit of Majara is still a huge amount honestly ring isn't worth it in beginning to be 

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So I bought the silver cat ring and. Fell to my death? Dark Souls II Xbox 360 . PC PlayStation 3. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Notify me about new: Guides. Cheats.

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Silver ring depicting a leaping feline. Reduces damage from falling. Legend has it that when cats grow old, a force brews within them, and

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26/05/  · The Silvercat Ring, first introduced in Dark Souls 2 before later returning in Dark Souls 3, is one ring many players will be very familiar with. The ring reduces fall damage, and many will

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Best pve rings would have to be RoB, Flynn's, stone depending on your situation, and maybe chloranthy or life ring. RoG is great is concept just like Stone Ring, but the stats of RoG are just not good enough and it weighs too much. Chloranthy Ring, Soldier's Ring, and Dragon Ring.

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For other uses, see Rings. Rings are equipment items that grant either stat bonuses, self-augments to the wielder, as well as covenant bonuses. Up to four rings can be equipped in Dark Souls II, unlike the original Dark Souls, which only allowed two rings to be equipped at once. Numbers separated by a " / " mark are in correspondence with its regular, +1, and +2 forms.

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Majula is the quintessential hub area of Dark Souls 2, bar of health or a Silvercat Ring, this pit leads to Dark Souls II's The Gutter.

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It adsorbs hp from defeated foes. It only cost 4500 souls, is it a item worth buying at this point. 3DS FC:3368-5403-9633 Name: Kaizer. PSN: Blackkaizer. pokagbamo 8 years ago #2. Don't make the mistake of buying it. Save up and buy the cat ring and go down the well right next to the shop. There's a ring of the evil eye +1 in there that you get