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Flomatic manuals for all our valves. Get instructions on installing, operating and maintaining Flomatic control valves, butterfly valves, check valves and 

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A. Swing Check Valves 1. Orientation a. Swing check valves are always installed with the hinge pin parallel to the place of the horizon and above the pipe centerline. Incorrect installation may result in binding, high head loss, and/or hanging open. b. Style 59, 159 and 259 check valves must be installed with the flow horizontal or the flow up.

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So is a valve clearance check at 1000kms a waste of $250 and just wait till 20,000kms; or is it a worthy investment to have it done at 1000kms? Adventure Rider. dhardesthard. 1,408 83. Post Jun 19, 2 2014-06-19T02:06. I would follow the manual and have the first service done at 1000 KMS. Is the $250 charge for the first service or

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Gate, Globe,. Bellows and Check Valves. IOM rev.3.0 Maintenance Manual. OMB Valves 

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Check the inner cavity, especially the seal surface to inspect if the seal surface is free from dirt and damage. screw on the arm axle of the swing check valve. verify that the valve meets the service requirements. upwards. 2 Valve opens or closes automatically due to flow pressure of the medium. 5.2 INSTALLATION, or inclined line.

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B. Styles 59, 159, and 259 (Resilient Seated Check Valves) 1. Cold water services (125° F maximum, 32° F minimum) 2. Sizes 14" - 36" - 150 PSI maximum IV. Maintenance, Checking and Testing A. Swing check valves With the exception of issues caused by misuse and severe service of the valve, maintenance should be limited to the following:

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2" Through 12" Class 125, 150 & 250 Threaded and Flanged End Cast Iron, 3% NI Iron, and Ductile Iron Horizontal Swing Check Valves IOM Manual.

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Maintenance Manual of Dual Plate Check Valves . 2 Exploded Contents Page No. L&T Valves 3 Dual Plate Check Valves 4 View 5,6 Delivery Condition 7 Check valves should be installed a minimum of 5 pipe diameters downstream of any piping component (elbow, Tee, Valve, etc.) to allow the flow to stabilize.

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Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Gate, Globe, Bellows and Check Valves, IOM rev.3.0 , 3, IOM-API602.doc , 1 Description , This manual is a guide to all final users of OMB valves, in particular it suggests instructions for a correct installation, according to safety rules, and for a correct operation of the valve itself.


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Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Gate, Globe, Bellows and Check Valves IOM rev.3.0 R.E.A. 157030 (BG) - Reg. Imp. 00339600165 - Cap. Soc. Euro 2.000.000, 00 - Partita IVA 00339600165 - EXPORT M/122821 Eli.Fin Group Swing check valves can be fitted in either vertical or horizontal lines, as can piston check or ball

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Carefully unpack the valve and check for identification plates or tags etc. It is recommended to install Gate and Globe valves with stem vertical up in longitudinal pipe lines. For other orientations of stem, refer to L&T valves. The performance of the valve will be better if the flow is smooth.

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A check valve, non-return valve, reflux valve, retention valve, foot valve, or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction.. Check valves are two-port valves, meaning they have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave. There are various types of check valves used in a wide variety of

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Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. SERIES 35 - CHECK VALVE KF Series 35 Check Valves should not be used in vertical down flow installations 

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4. If equipped with a manual override, use it to operate the valve to the fully open position. 5. Check the stem stop viewports to verify valve position. (Refer to Open and Closed Viewports on page 6.) 6. Turn the open stop screw counter-clockwise until it stops and tighten the locknut. CAUTION: Once the stop makes contact with

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Below are the Clow Valve operation and maintenance manuals. If you have further questions regarding these please contact us. Operations & Maintenance Manual - Medallion Hydrant Operations & Maintenance Manual - Eddy Hydrant Operations & Maintenance Manual - Wet Barrel Hydrant Operations & Maintenance Manual - 2-12 Resilient Wedge

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manual provides information for inspection and repairs of your DFT check valves should the need arise. No special tools are needed. Check Valve Assistance.

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The easiest way to do this is to use a towel or wire brush to clean the valve casing. Keeping it clean will prevent buildup on the valve stem and other moving parts, maximizing the life of your valve. Routine Inspections, Your valves should be checked and inspected on a consistent basis.

Operation and Maintenance of different valve types

Dismantling • Visual inspection and dimensional check • Cleaning – sand blasting etc. if necessary • Crack detection – spot check • Inspection of valve guard for further use. • Rework of sealing lips of valve seat. Lapping or machining depending on condition. For a long seat lifetime only machine as little as possible.

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These check valves operate according to the principle of a free-swinging check valve. The disc is supported at the valve lever and in the body.

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Check valves require maintenance. It is impossible to visually inspect components from the outside. Consequently, the valves should be disassembled and inspected often (at least every 90 days). Any signs of pitting or washing on the body and components require replacement.