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A solid, high quality hex wrench or Allen key set will potentially last many years and prove useful time and time again, whereas lower-grade 'freebie' tools are much more likely to be severely limited in both their adaptability to other tasks and overall longevity in frequent use.

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Similar to the metric hex keys, the SAE hex wrenches don't always have a perfect substitute as seen for SAE size 3/16″. Thus, we recommend that those with only a metric Allen wrench set add a separate SAE hex key set to their stable. Substituting Uncommon Hex Sizes Lastly, there's one other added benefit to having both SAE & metric hex keys.

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Hex Keys or Allen Keys You have no items in your wish list. Use of tools started at the beginning of the Stone Age. Most anthropologists 

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Craftsman V-Series X-Tract Technology SAE T-Handle Hex Key Set 9 pc. 2 Reviews. Compare. Eklind Hex-L .050 to 1/4 in. SAE L-Handle Hex L-Key Set 11 pc. 2 Reviews. Compare. Craftsman Metric and SAE Long and Short Arm Ball End Hex Key Set 26 pc. 0 Reviews. Compare.

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Hex keys are known as Allen wrench at different times. The primary function of the two tools is to tighten and loosen small nuts and bolts of other materials. And there is no difference between the two tools. However, there are hex/allen wrenches of different designs that have been designed for various specific work fields.

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Last. An Allen wrench, also known as a hex key, is a hexagonal L-shaped wrench that is common for automotive and bicycle repairs, as well as home project use and furniture assembly. They are available individually, in sets of hex keys, or even as a multi-tool with multiple sizes of hex keys integrated into a single unit.

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Jul 22,  · China Hex Key Vs Allen Key Manufacture, Choose the High Quality Hex Key Vs Allen Key From China. Mr. Calvin Zhao . What can I do for you? +8618737068201. ; Contact Now Hex Key Stainless steel L Keys; Hex Key With 9pcs Set; Handsaw Tools > Woodworking Handsaw Tools; Cutting Tree Handsaw; Custom High Quality Handsaw;

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Oct 04,  · An Allen wrench is made of chrome vanadium steel and is more durable and will last longer than a hex key set that features black oxide. They also are available as metric wrenches which are sometimes needed for certain projects and you can measure the end of your specific Allen wrench ahead of time.

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If your kitchen table or bicycle has hexagonal screws, you'll need hex keys or Allen wrenches for assembly or maintenance. Our guide to the best Allen 

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An allen key, not wrench, is a hexagon shaped tool for an internal hexagon shaped fitting. It's a make of hexagon tools. Called a key because it fits in 

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Nov 30,  · All Bondhus® products are made in the USA and guaranteed for life. Call now for you FREE Bondhus Hex keys- (800)346-8274.

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The tips of a hex screwdriver and an Allen key are the same but the difference lies in the shapes of these tools. Typically, an Allen key is L-shaped and a screwdriver is straight

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3. 3/32” Hex Dogging Key with Full Loop, Allen Wrench Door Key, Solid Metal – 10 Packs. Features : Key Size: 3/32″ hex dogging key, total 2” long (straight part is 1.34” long) It’s very convenient and useful because of the loop to put it on a key ring, stay well on the keychain. Good solid metal, well made!

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Apr 11,  · By Staff Writer Last Updated April 11, Allen keys, also called hex keys, feature a hexagonal cross section, while Torx keys feature a star- or asterisk-shaped cross section. Torx is a registered trademark of CamCar, a division of Textron, while Allen keys were developed by the Allen Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut.

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The torx screw has a 6 point star, Allan key is a hexagon shape 10 level 1 bikesbrewsandbbq · 2y well allen keys are hexagon shaped and torx are star shaped so pretty obvious 5 level 2 bigbluebear123 Op · 2y That's what i thought. The 'hole' in the bolt was hexagonal shaped, and indeed did perfectly fit a hex/allen key.

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These hex keys (also known as Allen wrenches) are ideal for tight spots, and their easy-to-use case makes it simple to remove and replace even 

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First, start with a mid-size hex key. This will give you a better idea of the size you need without having to try too many. Second, do not use a lot of force to try it out. Doing this risks you warping the screw. Instead, hold the screw in your hand to try each size. When you find one that fits snugly, you have a winner.

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As you might well have predicted already, the name 'Allen' when attached to these basic wrenches is actually a registered trademark, whereas the term 'hex key' 

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Hex key definition: an L-shaped tool consisting of a rod having a hexagonal cross section or Allen wrench Examples of 'hex key' in a sentence.

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Taking a peek in a well equipped workshop or pro-mechanics tool box will reveal that the experts don't often agree on what type of hex wrench is 

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For long arm hex keys, they are typically at least twice as long in the vertical direction than they are in the horizontal direction. Conversely, short arm hex keys are generally about 50% longer on the vertical side than on the horizontal side. Hex Key Uses & Applications Now that we've covered what an Allen wrench is, let's go over its uses.