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Full load amps for single and 3-phase 460 volts, 230 volts and 115 volts electric motors.

Baldor EM25694T-4, General Purpose Motor, 300 HP, 460

Baldor EM25694T-4, General Purpose Motor, 300 HP, 460 Volts, 331.0 Amps , 3 Phase, 1800 RPM, DP Enclosure, 449T Frame, Standard, Foot Mounted, A44112M Motor 

300 HP Soft Start 361 Amps 460 Volt Benshaw EMX4i-0580B-V5-C1-H

300 HP Reduced Voltage Electric Motor Soft Starter 361 Amps, 460 Volt, Benshaw/Aucom Part # EMX4i-0580B-V5-C1-H, Built In Bypass And Motor Overload, Made In New Zealand! Three Year Warranty! Voltage: 460. Duty Ratings. Standard Duty(350% for 30 seconds): 400HP 477 Amps. Heavy Duty(450% for 30 seconds): 300HP 361 Amps

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22 rows · Apr 02,  · Motor horsepower: Full load amps 230VAC: 300: 696: 348: These

300 hp (220 kW) Soft starter, 240v/400v/480v/690v

300 hp (220 kw) Current: 440 amps at 400v/480v, 900 amps at 220v, 270 amps at 690v: Weight: 21 kgs: Dimension: 525*257*194 mm: Input: Voltage: 3 phase 240v, 400v, 480v, 690v AC: Frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz: Adaptive Motor: Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor: Starting Times: It is recommended not to exceed 20 times per hour. Communication

300-225 HP V6 4.2L Outboard Motors | Yamaha Outboards

Mechanical: 300 hp, 250 hp, 225 hp. Yamaha's award-winning V6 4.2-liter outboards have been offshore favorites for more than a decade. Initially, boaters were attracted to their power, efficiency and intelligent design. After years of proven performance, our V6 4.2-liters have become known for something perhaps even more valuable offshore

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Converting HP to Amps: A general step for converting HP to amps for all types of circuit is given as: Step1: converting HP to watts, by multiplying HP with 746. Step2: dividing watts with

Horsepower and Amps of 230VAC and 460VAC 3 Phase 60hz

Motor horsepower Full load amps 230VAC Full load amps 460VAC 150 360 180 200 480 240 250 580 290 300 696 348

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IEEE 841 Motor: 300 HP, 1,780 Nameplate RPM, 460V AC, 447/9T Frame, 330.0 Full Load Amps, Ball Item # 15G095 Mfr. Model # 30018ST3QIE449T-W22 UNSPSC # 26101612 Catalog Page # N/A Country of Origin Varies. Country of Origin is subject to change. NEMA 440 frame IEEE 841 motors have a shaft whose center is 11" above the mounting surface.

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23 rows · Motor HP, Amps and Wire/Conduit Size Table. HP: Voltage: Amps: Wire Size: Conduit Size (Dia. Inches) 5: 480/3: 7 (3)#12 AWG+(1)#12 GND: 300: 480/3: 360 (6) 250 MCM+(2)#1

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Oct 25,  · One horsepower (electric motor) is 746 watts, so ten horsepower is 7460 watts. Divide that by a power factor (assumed) of 0.8 and you get 9325 volt-amps. Divide that by a voltage (again, assumed) of 240 and you get 39 amperes. For calculation purposes the electrical code book states that a 10 horsepower motor at 240 volts will draw 50 amps.

300 HP Soft Start For Electric Motor 460 Volt NEMA 3R Crusher

Description. HP. 300 HP Reduced Voltage Starter Panel For Electric Motor (Soft Start),Crusher Duty, 460 Volt, 360 Amps, NEMA 3R Enclosure, Circuit Breaker With Thru Door Disconnect, Dimensions: 48" H x 36" W x 16" D. Weight 325 Lbs. Five Year Warranty!

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Induction motor starting on full voltage (also known as across the line starting or direct on-line starting) has the undesirable effect of drawing five to ten times or more of their full load current. Usually this starting current persists till the motor reaches close to its synchronous speed (rated speed). Induction motors under starting conditions have extremely low power factor of around 10

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I have stated that the 300 HP motor driving a 250 HP load will A 100 HP motor can perhaps demand 110 amps or so when delivering 100 HP, 

Electrical Motors - Full Load Amps - Engineering ToolBox

230 volts motor - 3-phase : 2.5 amps/hp; 460 volts motor - 3-phase : 1.25 amps/hp; Always check nameplate information before designing protective devices, wiring and switch gear.

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HP 115 Volts 200 Volts 208 Volts 230 Volts 460 Volts 575 Volts 2300 Volts For example, if there are three 15-amp motors in the circuit, the ampacity rating of the wire feeding the circuit

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Enter the motor rated voltage in volts (V) Enter the motor power rating and select the appropriate unit (HP or kW) Enter the power factor and efficiency of the motor. Click on the "Calculate" button to see the results. Note: Please note that this calculator is provided for information purposes only. Typically, the FLA value is shown on the

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Motor Specifications Engine Type: Mercury 300HP Inline 8 Four Stroke Horsepower: 30..

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Oct 30,  · You can always convert decimal to percent to make your life easier ( 90% = 0.9 ); Make a fraction of these numbers and find the final horsepower to amps value, 746 / 165.6 =

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AC Motor Construction: Induction; AC Voltage & Frequency: Other; Continuous Current: 0.4000 to 359 amps; Design Units: Metric. Supplier Catalog · Go 

Marathon XRI® General Purpose General Purpose Motor, 300

Marathon XRI® General Purpose General Purpose Motor, 300 HP, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 575 V, 1800 RPM, 449T Frame, TEFC - L472A. Part #:449TTFS16365. Catalog #:L472A.